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100Vs version05 is the game jam version. 

Version 0.5 has a lot of crashing bugs, those should all be fixed in version 0.61 ( aveliable now) 

Version 0.7 is latest stable version 15JUN2019
With that, the game moves into open Alpha, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

newer versions will be marked 
a small strategy game for the 100th weekly game jam
#WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame


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100vs version 0.71 Open Alpha.zip 8 MB
Read me.txt 4 kB
Outdated 100vs version 07 Open Alpha.zip 8 MB
Outdated stable 100vs 0.61.zip 7 MB
Outdaed unstable, jam version 100Vs version 0.5.rar 5 MB
Outdated, unstable 100vs version 0.6.rar 5 MB


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Kept getting a "Cannot open input file" message when trying to run the game.

Odd. What version, the Jam version or 06?

Im addition, what operating system do you run it on?


Jam version, win 10 64 bit


Alright, I tried the 06 version and that worked just fine.

Cool game, looks like you spent quite a lot of time on the RTS type controls and the unit upgrades. I like the sketchy ui.

My strategy generally ended up being just packing the units in as close as possible and then bumrushing. I would have liked to be able to retract my decision on who to upgrade -- at one point I tried to upgrade the soldiers with helmets, armor, and axes, and there was no option so I had no choice but to skip.


Hehe, yea the strategy part is not so deep yet. 

You should be able to press the back botton, but I can see i forgot to lable it... (or label it before i render it... Stupid me... 


Ahh, I was clicking on the red button to go back (Even though I knew that was for the units).